I dreamed a dream, and then another and another…

8/15/20212 min read

I don’t know about you, but growing up I always believed you could only have ONE best friend. The best of all the best. I always thought this to be such a silly concept because I love all my friends, all of them were the best and choosing one to be my best friend was next to impossible. However, the same couldn’t be said about having a “dream.”

In our society, at least in my perspective, there’s a lot of hustling happening. To be passionate means giving your all into something, putting all your energy and focus into it until you succeed.

I want to be a traditionally published writer. That is my dream. It was my first dream and sadly it is still a dream at this point in my career. But, for a long time I thought being passionate and excited about other things not related to writing meant I wasn’t cut out to be one, that my dream wasn’t as strong or as real because of it.

Let me just say lol.

I know it’s probably so obvious that you can have more than one dream, but for me it felt like failing. The moment I suddenly didn’t have all my focus on one thing meant it wasn’t ever going to happen. It probably doesn’t help that the “end goal” for a lot of writers is to be able to do it full time, though I know my attention span could never survive that life.

But I have a second dream, not a new dream, just a second one. I want to be a successful Graphic Designer. I’ve always loved graphic design and when I first went back to school for it, it felt like giving up my dream of being a writer. This past term in school really put into perspective to me why I want this, how I want it, and what exactly I want. And exactly how my dreams can coexist with each other.

We only have one life, why limit ourselves to one big dream when we can have as many dreams as we want no matter how big or small?

The point of this blog post is merely to say, it’s okay if you have more than one dream. It’s okay if you don’t. Just know you don’t have to limit yourself to one focus achieve your dreams.